Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Note to self!

Being over prepared as always I was reviewing the route for the dunstable marathon and dang well injured myself good n propper! 

Not only did I badly sprain my ankle, I've wrenched my hip out of alignment too!

So, not only did I miss out on the marathon, I've still not been able to run more than a couple miles before I'm crippled by pain!

What have I learnt?

You may feel as fit as ox but some injuries really need good rest to heal properly. Plus all the doctors want to do is chuck painkillers at me!?!?!

6 weeks & 4 missed races later I'm finally seeing some improvement! Ugh!

Hopefully in a couple weeks I'll be back to my long distance target and I'll run the marathon route just because it was so much fun figuring out the route instructions, Hahahaha!

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