Thursday, 5 April 2012

3 Days in a Row

Was it a good idea?

I went for a good run Tuesday (in the rain!). The club handicap Wednesday night and now this afternoon. A even paced 5k.

I should have felt rough but no, I didn't. I felt good. In the groove. My feet felt a little sore but this was no hard run so it was easy for them. When 5k came up I must admit I was a little shocked. That's it? I was expecting further.

After booking the half marathon events this morning and thinking I'm just throwing money away, I am now starting to think maybe I can do it. My body is obviously getting what it needs (finally) to get me from a to b. Plus downloading my fears, excuses, rants to this blog I can clearly see for myself how much I have been holding myself back. More mental than physical hang ups.

I never thought a running diary would help me run further but when you're making excuses for your body and it's not a physical thing that's holding you back a running diary is the perfect friend to rant to. Plus other peeps can read this and probably see, they're not alone, we may be different in our own right but sometime we suffer the same problems and it's nice to know someone else out there is working through that same problem.


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